From treatable traits to GETomics in airway disease: moving towards clinical practice

The treatable traits approach represents a strategy for patient management. It is based on the identification of characteristics susceptible to treatments or predictive of treatment response in each individual patient.

With the objective of accelerating progress in research and clinical practice relating to such a treatable traits approach, the Portraits event was convened in Barcelona, Spain, in November 2022.

Here, while reporting the key concepts that emerged from the discussions during the meeting, we review the current state of the art related to treatable traits and chronic respiratory diseases management, and we describe the possible actions that clinicians can take in clinical practice to implement the treatable traits framework.

Furthermore, we explore the new concept of GETomics and the new models of research in the field of COPD.

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Autores: Alberto Papi, Rosa Faner, Ian Pavord, Federico Baraldi, Vanessa M McDonald, Mike Thomas, Marc Miravitlles, Nicholas Roche, Alvar Agustí.

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