Treatable Traits in Asthma: The Importance of Extrapulmonary Traits-GERD, CRSwNP, Atopic Dermatitis, and Depression/Anxiety

Treatable traits is a personalized medicine approach to the management of airway disease. Assessing traits within the 3 domains of pulmonary, extrapulmonary, and behavioral/lifestyle/risk factor traits, and applying targeted treatments to effectively manage these traits, enables a holistic and personalized approach to care. Asthma is a heterogeneous and complex airway disease that is frequently complicated by several extrapulmonary traits that impact asthma outcomes and predict future outcomes. We propose that the identification of extrapulmonary and behavioral risk factor traits and the implementation of targeted therapy will lead to improved management of people with asthma. Furthermore, many extrapulmonary traits present as «connected comorbidities»; that is, they coexist with asthma, have an impact on asthma, and effective treatment improves both asthma and the comorbidity or the comorbidities may share a similar mechanism. In this review, we explore this concept and look at atopic dermatitis, chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps, gastroesophageal reflux disease, anxiety, and depression as treatable traits of asthma and how these can be managed using this approach.

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Autores: Vanessa M McDonald, Yuto Hamada, Alvar Agusti, Peter G Gibson.

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