World COPD Day (15th November)

world copd day 2023

The 2023 theme for World COPD Day was “Breathing is Life – Act Earlier» and took place on November 15th. This year’s theme aimed to highlight the importance of early lung health, early diagnosis and early interventions.

Keeping lungs healthy is an integral part of future health and it is now more important than ever to act sooner. We now know that there are many other factors besides tobacco smoking that can contribute to COPD and that it can start early in life and effect young individuals.

In addition, we have now identified precursor conditions that can provide new opportunities for early diagnosis and prompt treatment. This campaign will focus on highlighting the importance of early lung health and how we can expand the horizon of COPD prevention and treatment by acting earlier. This can include preventing early risk factors, monitoring lung health from birth, diagnosing COPD in a precursor state and providing treatment promptly.

Day 2 will be presented in a hybrid format with in-person sessions virtually simulcast to a global audience of healthcare providers involved in the care and management of patients with COPD.



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